Meals on Wheels Privately Funded

Meals on Wheels Privately Funded

Meals on Wheels Privately Funded


Media reports in recent weeks have mentioned the impact that the federal government’s budget sequester is having on various government programs, including Meals on Wheels. According to these reports, Meals on Wheels has had to reduce the number of meals it delivers to homebound recipients due to these budget restrictions.


As the Board President of our local Meals on Wheels program, which is called Meals on Wheels of the Sandhills Inc., I want to clarify that our local program receives no government funding at any level; federal, state or local.


Meals on Wheels of the Sandhills was started in 1974 by Ida Baker Scott, a local woman. She began by preparing meals in her own kitchen for a few homebound friends and the program gradually expanded over the years. Currently, 100 local volunteers deliver nearly 2,000 warm, balanced meals each month to people in our area who are homebound and/or cannot prepare a meal for themselves.


About 40% of our meal recipients who are able to pay for their meals do so, at a cost of $3 per meal. Other funding for our program comes from various sources including the United Way, earnings on an endowment fund and most importantly, contributions from local churches, organizations and private individuals, These private, local contributions totaled more than $35,000 last year and covered nearly half our costs. We have one part time employee who runs the program and all the meals are delivered by our volunteers. The meals are prepared for us by Penick Village at a price which does not cover their full cost. We do not receive any government support and never have at any time since our founding nearly 40 years ago. We are very proud of the fact that we do not depend on government funding, which is why I am writing this clarification.


John Rowerdink

President, Board of Directors

Meals on Wheels of the Sandhills, Inc.


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